• Photos are Forever
    Energize your event with one of our Photobooths!
    3 Styles to choose from our Selfie booth, Modular Booth
    and our Premier 65" Mirror Booth!
    Everyone will enjoy the photobooth!
  • Photo Booth High Resolution
    We use High Resolution DLSR Cameras
    and High Resolution High speed Printers
    for quick, beautiful prints in under 10 secs
  • Green Screen Upgrades
    Upgrade to green screen to really set your party apart!
    Upgrade to 4x6 prints to really show off those pearly whites!
    Add Social Media to your standard package!
    Add a Scrapbook to "Remember the times"!
  • Groups
    Fit as many as 8-10 people in our enclosed booth and
    as many as you can in our open & mirror booths.
  • Customize
    We can customize our booth to reflect your colors and
    theme. Add custom text and themes to your prints.
    Lots of Props to choose from!
    Our attendent is there to ensure everyone has a great time


Recognizing the significance of high-quality event photos, irrespective of the occasion, we ensure that all our booths are equipped with either a DSLR or a high-megapixel camera to capture flawless pictures. But our commitment doesn't end there. Each of our booths is designed to be entertaining and captivating, ensuring that guests keep coming back for more fun and excitement.

The Selfie Booth

Ideal for every occasion, from casual backyard BBQ get-togethers to formal events, our selfie booth features a 12-megapixel webcam for high-quality photos and built-in LED lights, ensuring ample illumination. It serves as the perfect enhancement for any event.

The Modular Booth

With its DSLR camera ensuring superb photos and a contemporary design that seamlessly complements any theme, this booth provides exceptional value for your investment. Get the enclosure for a more traditional look.

The Mirror Booth

This Mirror booth stands out as the epitome of excellence. It has the ability to captivate everyone's attention, not only delivering Picture Perfect photos but also engaging in conversation. Your guests are guaranteed to have a fantastic time.